5 Accessories to ensure your Beauty Sleep

January 16, 2020
beauty sleep

Are you struggling to have a well rested night? Your beauty sleep is being impacted?

It happens to all of us from time to time.

What’s worse, is that anxiety provoking panic that sets in when we have to be up early for work. It’s just the worst!

But by adding a few accessories under your belt, you’ll be back to slumberland in no time.

Snooze you lose, so let’s dig in right away.

Try these 6 products to get your beauty sleep

Sleep Mask or Black out Blinds

Before you say, “I cannot sleep with one of those things on or Black Out Blinds are pricey”, hear me out.

Your eyes are super receptive to light. That’s how our bodies know whether it’s day or night.

Ever been a restaurant or bar and you instantly feel drowsy? Did you notice the lighting? When we start to reduce light, our bodies release Melatonin which tells our brain, it’s beauty sleep time!

I love a cocktail bar but a sip into my drink and I feel like hitting the hay.

Adding a sleep mask or black out blinds to your bedtime routine will make sure that you block out any light. The more hours your eyes are exposed to darkness the more quality sleep you will have.

Still not convinced? Darkness helps with reducing depression, get you to sleep quicker, and keeps you relaxed.

Silk masks are best as they are less harsh on your skin and help to regulate heat throughout the year.

Pillow Spray & Diffusers

Studies have shown that certain scents can induce drowsiness.

In particular, Lavender and Chamomile, which are known for their relaxation properties.

As part of my bedtime ritual, I spray This Works Lavender pillow spray onto each side of my pillow before I get into bed.

I also, have a Neom Diffuser, which I add a couple of drops Lavender Essential oil and get this going about an hour before get tucked in for my beauty sleep.

Even when I travel, I take my pillow spray and diffuser (more portable version) with me.

Creating a calming atmosphere will tell your body it’s time for bed and be much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

sleep products

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A lot of the time, we struggle to get to sleep or wake up suddenly as our brains are worrying.

Having a Notepad or journal by the side of your bed can help relieve over anxious thoughts. Writing down all the reoccurring thoughts and things you have to do for work, helps ease your mind back to calmness.

Knowing that you have written it all down, means you won’t forget anything important and takes it out of your brain completely.

Calm App

Calm is my go-to App.

Think of it as your own sleep assistant, coming up with all ways to help you gain better quality sleep.

It’s a steal at £34 a year as it’s constantly updated with new content.

Listen to a bedtime story or a guided sleep meditation or be transported to a rainforest?

You can try different methods of getting to sleep until you find the one that works for you. There is a free trial so you can make sure it actually helps you first.

Body Alarm Clock

Fall asleep naturally with the Body Alarm Clock. As I mentioned earlier, light lets your body know when to fall asleep.

What’s great about these alarm clocks is that it will gradually get dimmer over an half hour period until it eventually turns off.

Letting your brain know it’s time for beauty sleep to commence.

Short but sweet.

These products have helped me get quality sleep over the years so fingers crossed they will do the same for you.

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