Hey girl and welcome!

Glad you could stop on by to this cosy well-being corner of the internet.

Who are the NOW Community you ask?

Gorgeous female souls who are seeking:

  • Calm and balance in all areas of their life
  • New ways to move, nourish and soothe their bodies
  • Tips and helpful articles to improve their mindset in work and life
  • To attract positive opportunities and experiences

If any of that resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

Why me and why NOW?

So I am that girl that has 1000 candles and crystals dotted around my house, creating vision boards, meditating in the morning, etc, you get my drift.

I adore all things that make me feel happy, calm, abundant and balanced.

After, finishing my Mindfulness Diploma and getting out of the Rat Race, I wanted to give back to ladies who are like-minded and looking to improve their well-being and feel better about themselves.

What better way to feel better than to take time out for self-care.

As part of the NOW Community, you’ll receive articles on mind, body and spirit as well as freebies to help you reach balance. You’ll be the first to know of 1:1 coaching, modules and products as soon as they are available.