5 alternative workouts that don’t involve the Gym

December 5, 2019

I don’t know about you but I bloody hate the Gym! I am always trying alternative workouts to avoid it like the plague.

The sweaty air, dirty germ-ridden equipment that you have to queue for and the rip off monthly fees. I won’t go on.

How many times have you FORCED yourself to go, only to watch another membership expire and cost you hundreds of pounds? But it’s difficult when we know that exercising helps us sleep better, keeps us productive, repairs our bodies and reduces all manner of diseases.

But what gym alternatives are there? How else can you keep fit?

Oh girl, there are lots of ways and a lot of them you can do at home and don’t even cost a penny! Result right?

Let’s dive in and get our New Year off to an energetic start!

5 of the easiest alternative workouts to try

Walk it out

Walking Sarah, really?

I know what you’re thinking and yes, compared to the high intensity of the gym, walking looks, well, activeless.

Stay with me, a long walk mixed with uphill intervals can burn just as many calories, as well as being very pleasant.

Walking allows you to enjoy with others, get out in nature and socialise. It’s a win win.

What I love the most is the low impact it has on your joints. As you get older your body will thank you for choosing to walk, instead of doing weighted deadlifts.

Try this:

Hill walking or even fast-paced walking for high intensity. Be sure to change up your location and routes to keep it interesting. Grab your dog or ask a friend/family member to join you and catch up.

Alternative Workouts

HIIT Workout

Do you have will power? You don’t even have to leave your front door for this one.

As alternative workouts go, High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to keep fit. With short bursts of high intensity activity followed with a period of rest, it’s a great alternative workout that can fit into any lifestyle.

You can complete a HIIT workout in as little at 15 minutes, ideally you’ll want to aim for 20-30 minutes.

I used to do a lot of HIIT in my previous sales role as I stayed in hotels a lot so this exercise worked perfectly for me.

Try this:

5 sets of 20 seconds on/40 seconds off then have a 2 minutes rest and do it another two times, a total of 21 minutes. You can choose 5 exercises such as plank, high knee, climbers, squat jumps, jogging on the spot, star jumps, burpees etc.


Join a sports club

Are you lacking motivation to get physical? How about playing a sport with a local club?

I’ve always played netball and play it 3 times a week. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like I’m working out as I have fun with my friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hot sweaty mess afterwards and we work really hard but that dreaded feeling of going to the gym is non-existent when I go to Netball.

It may seem daunting to join a club at first but after a couple of weeks in, you’ll be happy you gave it a go!

Try this:

Research local sports clubs and enquire about a taster session. If you know a friend who plays sport, call them and ask to go along, it’s even better when you have an accountability partner to get you there.


Although Yoga is on the low intensity side, it doesn’t mean it’s any less good for you.

It’s a great way of stretching your body as well as quieting your mind too. If you’ve never tried Yoga don’t be fooled, it’s much harder than it looks. It puts your body, especially your balance through its paces.

Studies have shown that regular Yoga practice improves flexibility, strength, balance, posture, mental well-being and prevents injury. What more do you need?

Try This:

Download an app such as Down Dog for free or buy a paid version so that you can follow along at home. If you want to keep it on the cheaper side, head over to Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. I love this channel and there are tons of videos to get your started. Grab yourself a Yoga Mat too.

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Dance Dance

So not the most conventional of alternative workouts but dancing does make you feel good and it breaks a sweat.

As I am currently working from home, around lunch time after I’ve been productive all morning, I put a playlist on and dance whilst I make my lunch. It sounds ridiculous but 20 minutes of full on dancing is knackering.

Dancing has been known to improve happiness, brain function, stamina and muscle endurance! Sounds ideal to me.

Plus it’s free to do from the comfort of your own home and no equipment needed. You can also, join a dance club if you want to learn Ballroom, Latin, Jive etc. Think Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars.

Try This:

Once a day for at least 15 minutes put your most loved artist or playlist on and just dance like no one’s watching. I mean, go full on, like you were on a dance floor. Trust me, you’ll be out of breath and a hot sweaty mess in no time. You could also use Youtube and learn basic steps to a dance or learn choreography to a dance from a music video. The possibilities are endless.

So what do you think? Can you add one of these into your day or maybe even a couple?

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring or the same every day. Try and mix it up so that your motivation sticks.

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