6 of the best Motivational speeches to watch now

December 12, 2019
best motivational speeches

As we are heading into a new decade, it’s time to start thinking about how you want your 2020 to look.

A sure fire way to get you kick started is by watching some of the best motivational speeches on Youtube.

It can be tough to stay motivated, intentional and productive.

However, listening to others talk of how to be motivated, inspired, and successful will help set yourself up for the best year yet!

I’ve picked 6 of my favourite videos that push you into action and will make you feel inspired to be better every day.

6 of the Best Motivational Speeches

Mel Robbins

I have always loved listening to Mel Robbins, she has such a great presence and her anecdotes are easily relatable.

This talk really hits home about how our decisions truly shape our lives.

We create the life we live and by changing our decisions we can create our dream life.

Mel is the author of the International Bestselling Book The 5 Second Rule, which describes the 5 second window we all have from taking an idea and turning it into action before “our brain kicks in sabotages any change in behaviour”.

Your brain is wired to stop you from doing things that are uncomfortable, uncertain or scary. It’s your job to learn how to move from those ideas that could change everything into acting on them.

Mel Robbins

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has wisdom and advice that captivates the Mind and Soul.

This video mashes up a lot of Oprah’s most motivational words over the years, all thought-provoking and truly inspirational.

What is the next right move?

Oprah Winfrey

I use this prompt whenever I am struggling or feeling overwhelmed. I encourage you to do the same. If you cannot work out what do, just pause and ask yourself “What is the next right move?”. Then when complete, ask yourself again, and again and again.

15 minutes in Oprah discusses how “thoughts are the greatest vehicle to change”.

What we think and visualise everyday will take you closer to your dreams.

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Jim Carrey

You can FAIL at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance of doing what you LOVE.

Jim Carrey

My all-time favourite quote. Hands down. It’s on my vision board.

There are risks in everything we do, nothing is for certain so why do we stop taking risks when we get older?

Jim recounts the story of his dad and his “safe” job as an accountant, only to be made redundant from the “safe” job. Instead, his dad could have followed his passion and dreams and failed OR been a success. He never took the risk to find out.

The bottom line is try doing what you love as the risk will pay off if you want it enough.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a true visionary. He changed the way we communicate forever, I mean I am typing this off of my Macbook so thanks Apple.

This has to be one of the best motivational speeches out there. The three stories he shares, all have important lessons that will feed your motivation and inspire you to seek knowledge and never settle.

Everything decision we make takes us on a journey. We need to have FAITH that everything will work out just as it should.

It can be very hard to see HOW you will reach your goals or desires however, you can only connect the dots by looking back not forward. So trust that each decision you make takes you one step closer to success.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle

Steve Jobs

We all need this piece of advice, don’t we? How often do we settle in areas of our lives, instead of continuing to look for what we want? Perhaps it’s a job you hate or a relationship that doesn’t fulfil you, yet you just settle for it day in, day out. Make sure you continue to progress, do the inner work and NEVER SETTLE.

As Steve says “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Always.

Will Smith

Our minds are incredibly complex and can be our best friend or our enemy.

The way we can ensure our minds are on our side is through Self Discipline which in turn flows into Motivation.

I’ve watched this video many times as I love the sentiment Will speaks. We have to love ourselves in order to keep motivated and find happiness.

Discipline is not negative. Discipline is a practice that has our best interests at heart. The more we practice it, the more we know our boundaries and what we don’t want and more importantly, what we DO want.

Your Heart, your Life, your Happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.

Will Smith

To remain motivated and strive for the life you want is your responsibility, no one else’s. It’s no one else’s fault you don’t feel motivated, lacking the energy, not fulfilled or hitting the goals you set; it’s yours.

Own it and Keep Going!

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Tony Robbins

I mean, no motivational list would be complete without Tony Robbins right? Always featured in the best motivational speeches as he is so passionate about people taking control of their lives.

My Personal Growth journey only started because I watched a video of Tony Robbins and then I was hooked.

His passion for self-discovery and living your most authentic life is infectious and his energy gets you motivated in no time.

4 minutes into this video Tony explains that there are 2 types of motivation PUSH and PULL. You shouldn’t have to push yourself to do something as you will only stay motivated for a short time.

Push requires Willpower and Willpower never lasts.

Tony Robbins

Instead you need to be pulled through excitement, obsession and an overwhelming desire to do whatever it is.

Make sure you head on over to his website and sign up for his newsletters.

These 6 videos are just a snippet of the motivational speeches out there. If you need more head on over to YouTube and search for more.I really like Impact Theory for Personal Growth videos.

As always be sure to comment your thoughts below and be sure to check out my post on productivity tips and techniques to get your motivation back.


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