• Sleep relaxation – 9 ways to unwind before bed
    Sleep is one of the single most important activities we do daily. It recharges us, makes sense of our memories, repairs our bodies; it’s a big deal. Here are 9 ways to enjoy sleep relaxation and unwind before bed.
  • 5 Accessories to ensure your Beauty Sleep
    Are you struggling to have a well rested night? Your beauty sleep is being impacted? It happens to all of us from time to time. What’s worse, is that anxiety provoking panic that sets in when we have to be up early for work. It’s just the worst! But by adding a few accessories under your belt, you’ll be back to slumberland in no time. Snooze you lose, so let’s dig in right away. Try these 6 products to get your beauty sleep Sleep Mask or Black out Blinds Before you say, “I cannot sleep with one of those things on or Black Out Blinds are pricey”, hear me out. Your eyes are super receptive to light. That’s how our bodies know whether it’s day or night. Ever been a restaurant or bar and you instantly feel drowsy? Did you notice the lighting? When we start to reduce light, our bodies release Melatonin which tells our brain, it’s beauty sleep time! I love a cocktail bar but a sip into my drink and I feel like hitting the hay. Amazon.co.uk Widgets Adding a sleep mask or black out blinds to your bedtime routine will make sure that you block out […]
  • 5 alternative workouts that don’t involve the Gym
    I don’t know about you but I bloody hate the Gym! I am always trying alternative workouts to avoid it like the plague. The sweaty air, dirty germ-ridden equipment that you have to queue for and the rip off monthly fees. I won’t go on. How many times have you FORCED yourself to go, only to watch another membership expire and cost you hundreds of pounds? But it’s difficult when we know that exercising helps us sleep better, keeps us productive, repairs our bodies and reduces all manner of diseases. But what gym alternatives are there? How else can you keep fit? Oh girl, there are lots of ways and a lot of them you can do at home and don’t even cost a penny! Result right? Let’s dive in and get our New Year off to an energetic start! 5 of the easiest alternative workouts to try Walk it out Walking Sarah, really? I know what you’re thinking and yes, compared to the high intensity of the gym, walking looks, well, activeless. Stay with me, a long walk mixed with uphill intervals can burn just as many calories, as well as being very pleasant. Walking allows you to enjoy […]
  • 6 Common Meditation Myths that aren’t true
    In your head, you probably have meditation myths that you believe to be true. We all do. Meditation can seem so complex and confusing. Fear not though ladies, today I am going to debunk all these nasty ‘Non-facts’ that have wormed their way into our minds.