9 Confidence building books you’ll want in your life

March 15, 2020
confidence building books

Do you struggle from time to time with confidence? We all do.

One day you feel on top of the world, the next you’re bingeing on Netflix and stuffing your face with chocolate. Hey, it happens.

Building self-confidence is never taught in school or even in your adult life.

Yet we are expected to have our shit together and be confident in everything we do.

The results; feelings of self-doubt and anxiety.

We can all work on our self-esteem to squash self-doubt when it rears its ugly head.

Here are my top confidence building books to binge now.

Small disclaimer: I have included affiliate links in this post which means that if you click on a link and buy an item, I earn a small amount of money.

9 Confidence building books to read now

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

An oldie but a goodie.

I read this book cover to cover on a 4 hour flight to Rhodes in the Summer.

Dale’s writing style is articulate yet friendly and offers you easy to follow, logical advice.

This book will help with the “first impressions” skill which as we all know counts for a lot. I have used a few of the techniques in arguments too!

It helps you understand how to manage other people. This insight makes you feel and act more confident in all areas of your life.

My favourite piece of advice. During an argument or defusing a situation, simply agree with the person. Tell them all the reasons they should be annoyed. It instantly, makes them back down and usually gets you the outcome you want!

This book is for ladies lacking confidence when meeting new people or in social situations. Hello, my fellow Introverts!

2. You are a badass by Jen Sincero

I actually listened to this book whilst on my daily commute and girl, did it make me feel empowered.

Need a little pick me up and someone to tell you that there is only one you and how to make the most of it; Jen Sincero is the one.

Self sabotaging beliefs and opinions are the killers of confidence. They stand in the way of you getting what you want and deserve.

Jen explains how to do away with these thoughts, increase your confidence and live the life you were meant too.

This book is definitely ladies battling with low self-esteem and negative self-beliefs

3. Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers

Usually we lack confidence as we fear the opinions of others.

You’ll love this book for diving deep into the fear mindset and how it cripples our attitudes and actions.

Susan talks about her first hand experience and how she and others have overcome fear to be more confident and authentic version of themselves.

This book is for those who feel that fear is ruling your life and you need guidance on being more confident in your decisions.

4. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba

Cara is the type of woman I want in my life. Standing tall next to me, telling me “you got this girl”.

Following Cara on social media, you get the sense that this is her purpose to help others achieve the success they deserve.

Cara addresses the need for women to stick together, to be happy for one another and learn from each other.

In many instances women feel pitted against each other and jealousy takes over.

It’s an easy read and feels like your talking to a supportive friend.

This book is for you if you need a vote of confidence that you can achieve anything you want, no matter what anyone else thinks.

5. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

A real titan within the world of confidence building books.

Although originally written in 1937, all the incredible tips and tricks of how to abundant in your life still stand today.

Napoleon studied the thoughts and actions of millionaires so most people would consider this a financial book. However, though it does touch upon money, it’s the habits of successful people that you will connect with most.

You can take the thought patterns and habits and apply them to your life and build your self-confidence.

This book is for you if want to achieve big successes in your life and your low self-belief is getting in your way.


6. Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa’s Open Wide isn’t necessarily about confidence, more Self-Love for ourselves, others and the relationships we cultivate.

With Self-Love comes confidence, which will help shape our thoughts, actions and lead to a more intentional lifestyle we all want. Melissa’s louder than life style is infectious and will make you feel super empowered as soon as you start reading.

Melissa even touches on Sex and Relationships and how to be confident in asking for what YOU want from a partner. I think we could all do with a little upskill in this department.

This book is for you if need a big cup of Self-love tea

7. The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Earlier this year I was feeling a little low and downloaded Gabby’s book on Audible. I had heard great things but my god, this book was just what I needed to pick me back up.

By releasing blocks, Gabby helps you to move from fear to faith in all aspects of your life.

Gabby’s words and advice are filled to the brim with pure love and positive intention. It’s infectious and life changing.

This book is for anyone needing life changing “A-ha” moments.

8. The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management programme for confidence, success and happiness by Steve Peters

Ok so this might not be the most conventional self-esteem book but it gets you thinking.

Have you ever really thought about why you think and act the way you do? The Chimp Paradox will explain exactly why self-sabotage, think negatively about ourselves and let fear win.

Learning about how your brain works helps wonders in building your self-confidence up. You can almost stop it in its tracks.

This book is for you if like to learn the scientific reasons of why you think the way you do and how to stop it.

9. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Like Carnegie, Schwartz is a big name in the self-development game and this book has sold 6 million copies!

I am all for thinking big in life and the key messages in this book will help you do the same. As humans we tend to talk ourselves, beliefs and desires down, Schwartz’ step by step guide will change that.

With each turning page I felt more positive and eager to pursue anything I put my mind too. You’ll learn to reprogramme your brain and be rid of “Excusitis”

This book is for those who want the confidence to dream BIG and reap the rewards

Have any of these confidence building books stood out for you? Will you be reading or listening to any soon?

Remember that we all feel self-conscious or fearful from time to time. You’re not alone in feeling this way and things will most definitely get better.

Be sure to check out my recent post about gratitude as well!

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