5 steps to create a Vision Board Online or Physically

January 10, 2020
vision board online

A sure fire way to keep focused on your dreams and goals is by creating a vision board online or by making one physically.

Even after you’ve taken the time to Plan out your goals for year, it’s a great idea to have a visual aid to remind you daily of what you want to manifest into your life.

Vision Boards don’t have to be super fancy or intricate and don’t take too much of your time (unless you want to).

In this guide, I will show you how to can create a vision board in 5 steps, either digitally or physically.

Let’s do this!

5 tips to create your vision board online or Physically


Before you can start getting all creative, you have to set what you intend to bring into your life.

If you haven’t already read my post on Goal Setting, go read it now, fill out the printable workbook and make your way back here.

Planning your goals will help with creating a super intentional vision board that aligns with your goals. Obviously, you can add other things you want to draw into your life but your goals have to be centre stage of your board.

Now that you have your goals sorted, what other things do you want? Perhaps an unbelievable holiday? The dream house? Ideal Partner? It can be anything. Even how you want to feel about yourself. Get as creative as possible and DREAM BIG.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

Walt was right. Let this exercise excite you. Have the courage to dream big, and then take the courage to move forward with all your dreams. It really is that simple.

Canva/Cork Board

So now you have a clear idea of your goals and intentions. You need to decide whether you’d prefer a vision board online or a physical one?

Remember that you want to put your vision board where you will see it everyday. So if you don’t have much space to hang a physical one than you may want to opt for a digital one.

Vision boards online can be easily changed and adapted throughout your journey and you can add them to the backgrounds of your phone, laptop etc. You’ll always be reminded of them.

Personally, I prefer creating a physical vision board then taking a photo and uploading to my backgrounds. Choose whichever you feel drawn to most.

Once you’ve decided, head to Canva this will be the tool you use for creating a digital vision board or amend images and text for your physical board.


Step 3 is all about picking the right pictures to feature on your vision board.

There are two ways to find the perfect images; online or in magazines.

If you’re searching online, look on google images, stock image sites like Unsplash or head to the specific sites. For example, travel features heavily on my board so I will look on specific sites to draw inspiration and find pictures.

If you’re doing it the old fashioned way, you can do the above and just print them off, gather any old magazines or even better, go buy yourself some fancy ones. Flick through and cut out anything that resonates with you. You can draw images too! There is no set way to do this, make it unique to you.

I don’t know about you but I find it very satisfying cutting our images or searching for exact things I want and printing them off and curating.

After this, I know you will be feeling inspired and excited to get it all together.


It’s important to have meaningful statements, quotes or even just single words on your vision board.

You could type out your goal setting statements, intentions or a word you’ve picked for the year.

I like a mixture of words and images on my board, the words remind me of what exactly I want, whereas, the pictures allow me to dream and feel the emotions of all my intentions coming true.

For example, on my vision board I have Business Owner and I love money and money loves me.

Put it all together

We’re in the home stretch everyone! Now comes the super fun part, putting everything together.

If you’ve opted to do it physically than start adding your images and texts to your cork board. Mess around with it until you have happy. Make sure your text is very bold to stand out from the surrounding pictures. Once you’ve done this, hang that baby up somewhere you will see it everyday!

Be sure to take a picture and add to your phone wallpaper and laptop desktop for extra inspiration.

Ok for those of you choosing to do your vision board online – stay in Canva and follow the images step by step.

When you start on Canva, click on the Create a Design button on the left hand side of your screen. You will see a drop down list appear, scroll down and you’ll see Desktop and Phone Wallpaper. Select whichever one you’d like to do first and repeat again for the other.

Next you find to choose your layout so find Elements on the left hand side column and scroll down to find Grids. Look for a grid that your pictures will fit on, look for a mixture of portrait and landscape frames.

Once you have this, start adding your saved photos into the grid. To do this head to Uploads and click Upload an image or video and follow the prompts. Your pictures will then appear under uploads for the foreseeable future.

I knock this one up very quickly, to show you what it could look like. Now you can also add your keywords, statements of intentions by heading to the Text section on the right hand side and dragging it on top of certain pictures. Have fun with it.

And you’ve nailed it! You now have a completed, fully intentional vision board. That wasn’t too painful was it?

As I have said in the post, tweak your vision board as much as you want! If you see a picture or words that hit you hard, add them. Equally, if something on your board isn’t exciting you anymore, take it off. It’s always a work in progress and you should always be changing it to fit your intentions.

Send me your snaps and I can add your lovely images to this post to inspire others! Also, if you have any other tips or want to share a manifesting story about a vision board you created please do so below.

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