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Top 6 Crystals for Manifestation

November 5, 2019

Have you ever thought about using crystals for manifestation?

When we wish to manifest our dreams, simply visualising and saying affirmations isn’t enough.

For centuries people have used crystals to aid the manifestation process as they contain high levels of energy to help attract our wants and desires.

Certain crystals are more vibrationally intuned with our dreams and when added to your manifestation rituals will strengthen your call to the universe.

With hundreds of manifestation stones to choose from, I’ll show you the top 7 that can be used for the most common of dreams.

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Manifestation Crystals

Before we dive into the best crystals for manifestation, it is important to note that you must work in harmony with your crystals.

Of course, meditating, visualisation, journaling and vision boards all help you keep focused, clear and helps let the Universe know exactly what to send your way.

Just setting an intention and hoping it comes true is not how the Universe works I’m afraid. You have to walk the talk and take actionable steps to your dream life. Always make sure you meet the Universe halfway and give it everything you got.

You’ve gotta give it everything you’ve got. It’s your dream.

La La Land (film)

It’s also worth remembering that not all of these crystals will manifest but will encourage traits and attitudes that will help you manifest your goals and dreams.

Practice patience when manifesting with crystals. The Universe is always on your side and will send your hopes your way when you are ready.

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Top 6 Crystals for Manifestation

1. Citrine

Looking for an abundance and a money magnet? Citrine has you covered.

Most of us want to manifest our dreams of wealth, opportunities and success. Citrine helps to reduce self-limiting beliefs that get in the way.

It will bring in success and prosperity as intended by yourself, however, it looks like to you.

Action: Keep Citrine in your purse or wallet after you’ve set your intentions. It will then get to work on bringing abundance to you.

manifestation crystals

2. Rose Quartz

Another biggie on the list of wants is, love, of course.

Rose Quartz is the mother of all love stones.

Now this doesn’t just mean romantic relationships, this transcends to family and friends too.

Action: Keep Rose Quartz under your bed, directly underneath your head lies. This can be used to attract new partners in, help in existing relationships, or even in improving your self-love. You could also bathe with your Rose Quartz, such a good one if you are in need of some inner love.


3. Pyrite

Oh Pyrite packs a mean punch of energy and action and directs it straight at your dreams.

A hugely powerful Earth Stone, that will help keep you motivated, energised and feeling a “I got this” attitude to everything you put your mind too.

In a nutshell, this stone will help you stay focused so you can achieve your goals.

Action: Hold Pyrite during your morning meditation to get that pick-me-up to start your day.

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4. Amethyst

No list would be complete without good old Amethyst right?

In many stages of our lives, we need to draw more intuition and wisdom. As Amethyst purifies your aura, it will encourage wisdom and to trust your own intuition.

Action: Place it in your home. Near your bed or in your office so that you can attract the positive vibes and be rid of the negative energy so wisdom can channel through to you.

Amethyst are the great aids for meditation. Simply take a piece and hold it whilst meditating. It’ll help you clear your mind and attract wisdom.

carnelian Stone

5. Carnelian

We all need creativity in our lives and Carnelian will help bring all your best ideas.

If your starting something new, perhaps a big project or business and are in need of your creative juices to flow, use carnelian to set your intentions. It is a stone that injects action as well as enjoyment to get the job done.

Action: When you feel a bit overwhelmed or stuck, grab your carnelian and hold it for a few minutes and you’ll instantly feel more energised and ready to tackle the most difficult of tasks.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Ever felt like you are so overwhelmed and stressed? No matter what you do, you cannot concentrate or see a way through.

Tiger’s Eye will be your best friend for manifesting personal strength, clarity and grounding your soul.

Action: Place Tiger’s Eye on your desk or carry it on you. You’ll be able to harness your inner strength and push through overwhelm and start getting shit done.

Tiger's Eye Stone

I hope you have found this post useful and that you can now start using crystals for manifestation.

These 6 are a great start but there are many more you can use. Take a look at my favourite books below that will help you learn more about Crystals.

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