6 Common Meditation Myths that aren’t true

November 15, 2019
Mindfulness exercises

You probably have a few meditation myths that you believe to be true.

We all do. Meditation can seem so complex and confusing.

Fear not though ladies, today I am going to debunk all these nasty ‘Non-facts’ that have wormed their way into our minds.

I constantly hear 6 meditation myths that simply aren’t true and stop people from trying meditation.

After reading this short article I know you will feel more willing to give meditation a go.

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6 Meditation myths that simply aren’t true

1. Mediation is difficult to do

I have no idea where this has come from! When I ask my friends why they feel it’s difficult, they all have an image of a Monk in Tibetan clothes, chanting for hours on end.

Biggest of all the meditation myths out there.

The truth is anyone can meditate at anytime, anywhere for any length of time. It is so simple.

Easy exercises like focused breathing for 30-60 seconds, going for a walk in nature or simply doing an activity that you love counts as meditation.

Anything that allows you to live in the moment is a form of Meditation.

Sarah Booth from Notes on Well-being

Infact, you probably meditate without even knowing it. That’s the beauty of being mindful my friends.

Something that really helped me when I started was to create a little area in your home for meditation. Or have a little ritual, like light incense sticks or have a diffuser going with an energy boosting oil. Think cushions, natural light, soothing music.

Creating the atmosphere that will get you in the mood to meditate.

Try focused breathing – concentrate on your inhale and exhale for 30 – 60 seconds. You can then build this up as time goes on.

meditation misconceptions

2. It takes years to see the benefits

Again, I think people have latched on to religious communities who meditate for this one.

Trust me when I say, you’ll feel the benefits immediately.

Quieting the mind, tuning into your inner self and letting go of any self-limiting beliefs helps improve your mental and physical well-being.

For me, it’s the feeling of calmness, focus and action that I felt right away. Which has meant that I have clear goals, I am proactive and my friend’s always say i’m positive and this feel good energy rubs off on them.

Why not be the girl who brings everyone else up around her? It’s the best feeling.

Here are some of the best meditation benefits:

  • reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • boosts creativity and focus
  • promotes better sleep
  • reduces effects of ageing
  • improves memory, learning and compassion

Taking a few minutes a day will help you start to feel these types of benefits.

Try this – write down how you feel after you meditate and notice your mood throughout the day. You’ll soon start seeing the positive results.


3. I don’t have the time to meditate

Man, this is the best excuse line ever ‘I don’t have time’. What a load of rubbish.

We all have time, it depends what you want to spend your time doing.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling aimlessly on your phone or Laptop? Suddenly, an hour has gone by? I’m sure you’re nodding along with me.

With that in mind, I am confident you can spare a few minutes a day. Meditation doesn’t have to take up lots of your time. However, once you start seeing the benefits, you’ll want to increase your time.

Remember, that if you are spending time doing an activity you love, for me it’s Netball, that time will be classed as Meditation. You’ll be switching your mind off completely from the outside world and enjoying the moment.

Studies show that the best time to meditate is in morning as it tends to be the quietest part of the day.

Try this – set a reminder on your phone or build it into your morning routine so that you don’t forget to take the time.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

4. I need a quiet place to meditate

I get it can be hard to find a special space where you can specifically meditate in peace.

However, you don’t need somewhere quiet, you can meditate anywhere.

I would suggest you start your mediation practice somewhere quiet to begin with, so you can tune inwards. But once you have mastered this, you could be sat in a busy canteen or on a train and be able to tune out of all distractions.

Try this – Listen to soothing meditation music if you are in a noisy area. It will help relax your mind and you won’t be distracted by your surroundings. You can use Spotify, or Youtube for lots of music choice.

5. I have to be religious to meditate

I’ve heard this one a lot. When I say I meditate, I do get questions around my religion.

The truth is you don’t have to be religious to meditate.

It’s as simple as that. Next.

meditation facts

6. I cannot quiet my mind so I cannot meditate

When you first start to meditate, you will find that thoughts come at of nowhere thick and fast.

The more you ignore them and push them away, the more your brain will throw at you.

It’s best to accept that as you begin your practice to simply acknowledge your thoughts and let them drift away. You’ll find that as you do this, it becomes easier.

Observing our thoughts can help us understand our inner self and beliefs so it is important to acknowledge but to not pay them attention.

Try this – think of your thoughts like waves, they rise and then fall. When your thoughts come to the surface, acknowledge them and then imagine them flowing away. I find this practice super helpful when my mind is active

Have I dispelled all of your meditation myths and misconceptions? I hope so. If I haven’t write me a comment below.

So to round up try these three activities to get started:

  • Set aside a few minutes in the morning to try focus breathing for 30-60 seconds at a time
  • Create a space of your own or a ritual to get you in the mood
  • Write down how you feel after you meditate so you can see the lasting effects

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