6 Super Easy Mindfulness Activities for Adults

December 31, 2019
mindfulness activities for adults

Our poor brain is hounded from noon to night with constant information, from our TV’s, phones and everyone around us.

It can be relentless, demanding and stressful.

Mindfulness helps you to be truly present and stick to the here and now. It’s an important practice that can improve your overall well-being in just a few minutes a day.

If you want to reduce stress, overwhelm and improve your awareness, try these Mindfulness Activities for adults

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Mindfulness Activities for Adults

Mindfulness is the moment by moment awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Being Mindful allows us to train our minds to control our thoughts instead of the other way round.

It’s important to start with simple exercises and build on these over time.

The more you practice, the more you can catch yourself in moments of fear, anxiety, self-limiting thoughts or anger You can then observe these thoughts and choose not to act on them. As well, as appreciate your positive thoughts and revel in them.

Unfortunately, most people go through life living mindlessly which negatively impacts their well-being. BUT as you are reading this, you’re taking the right steps to being more mindful everyday.

If you are new to Meditation read my post on Meditation Myths as the Mindfulness activities I am suggesting require meditation.

Focused Breathing

A very easy and effective practice when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit with a straight back and neck. Observe your breathing for 30-60 seconds.

It’s that simple. You may find your mind is chaotic and filled with thoughts but keep doing this for 2-3 weeks and you’ll begin to see the positive benefits this small practice has on your well-being.

When you feel you have mastered this you can increase the time.

meditation for adults
Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

Mindful Walking

Anytime you breathe in fresh air, it makes you feel so much better. There’s a reason studies show that people who don’t get out enough have worse health than others. It releases your good hormones; Endorphins.

Mindful Walking is simply focusing your attention on the environment around you. Notice how green the trees are, how they move in the wind and the sound the wind makes through the leaves.

If you’re walking with your dog, watch his/hers behaviour, how they walk, sniff and when they wag their tails. I love watching my dog, Ralph. Every now and then he keeps me a glance and I swear he gives me a little smile, so damn cute.

It’s the same if you’re out with a partner, family member or friend. Be mindful of the conversation, give it your fullest attention.

Body Scan

I swear by the Calm App and this was one of the first sleep meditations I did. It’s so relaxing and easy to do.

You can do this anywhere. Take a seat, lie down or even do it in the bath. Wherever you can relax and focus.

Bring attention to your body. Start from your toes and work your way up to your head, noticing any areas of tension, tingling, heat, etc. As soon as you feel anything, take a deep breath into that area and feel it soothe the feeling away.

I know it sounds a little odd but trust me this does help.

Play sports/hobbies

Did you know that when you play a sport or spend time on a hobby like gardening, you are being mindful?

You don’t think in the middle of playing a game of Tennis “Shit I didn’t email Jareth back, Damn he’ll be pissed and send me to the bog of eternal stench” (Love you Labyrinth).

You are in the moment, thinking of your next move, what your opponent is about to do. A perfect mindfulness practice.

It’s a two for one; fitness and mindfulness.

Mindfulness adults
Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

Mindful Eating

Be honest, have you ever really enjoyed your food? I mean, focused on all the flavours you could taste and Did you feel the way your tongue reacts to these ? How many textures could you feel? What did it smell like?

More often than not, we eat our food either talking to someone else, on our own at our desks staring at a computer or phone screen or at home we watch TV whilst eating.

There is nothing more satisfying than mindful eating. It allows you to have 15 minutes without distractions and Blue light. It’s such an easy practice.

Colouring book

Want to do something creative, addictive and therapeutic? Buy yourself a colouring book and pencils and get colouring.

I’m not kidding. This is mindfulness fun. It takes no concentration, just being present and noticing your pencil strokes, the colours and let your mind go quiet.

Nowadays, there are so many adult colouring books to choose from. A couple of my favourites are Disney Storybook, Harry Potter, Lost Ocean and Staedtler Pencils.

I hope you find one or two exercises out of my Mindfulness activities for adults list useful. Remember, Mindfulness is to be in the here and now and to not be consumed by overwhelming thoughts. There are so many activities you can do but these are super easy and not costly to start off with.

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