7 Motivational Techniques to get you back on track

April 6, 2020
motivational techniques

Do you ever get those days where no matter what you do you cannot stay motivated?

I woke up Monday and have struggled ever since to stay motivated as I feel exhausted. I’m looking at my to-do list and nothing is happening.

I tried all my Productivity hacks but my motivation has gone completely.

When motivation lacks it can be hard to focus and get anything done. It makes you feel pretty rubbish and gets in the way of productivity.

In light of this challenging time, I am sharing my top motivational techniques to get you back on track quickly.

7 Motivational Techniques to kick start productivity

Choose small tasks off your to-do list

When motivation lacks, looking at your to-do list is overwhelming. All of those tasks you were so motivated to do, now become a chore. So what’s your next move?

Struggle on and hope to god you get it done? Or do you choose a couple of smaller tasks and complete them?

I hope you decided the latter!

Breaking down the tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks and finishing them will instantly boost your energy levels. You’ll find that you actually complete most of your to-do list once you get the one task finished. It’s the snowball effect.

If you need help with planning your workload and prioritising, be sure to read my top 12 productivity skills.

Start Somewhere

So something I do when I feel completely stuck is to just start!

For example, when it comes to writing content for NOW, I simply grab a pen and paper and just write out notes. No expectation, no stress, simply letting my brain get out ANYTHING.

It sounds so basic but it is extremely effective. You may not feel like you’re doing much but those scribbles of thoughts will help you with whatever piece of work you have to get done.

Usually, once you get a few bits written down, your flow will start to come back and you’ll probably write enough to finish your project/article/presentation/product development.

Whatever it is will become a whole lot easier.

Motivational skills
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Be Inspired

One of the quick fire ways to boost your motivation is to get inspired by others.

You can do this in a number of ways but I find that watching a motivational Ted Talk or speech on Youtube, really gets me fired up.

I have written a list of my favourite motivational videos so be sure to check it out for an instant boost.

Or listen to a podcast episode from one of your fave girl bosses. I love to listen to Style Your Mind or The Melissa Ambrosini Show for a quick pick me up.

Surrounding yourself with positivity and hearing others telling you to go kick some butt, will make you get on with it.


Fresh Air/Fresh Mind

A great way of gaining clarity and focus is to enjoy some good old fresh air.

I will often take Ralph for a quick walk round the block, allow half of my time to practice mindfulness and the other half to think about the tasks I have to do.

When you return to your desk, you’ll feel refreshed and will probably have lots of new ideas.

If you cannot go for a walk, crack a window open or just go and stand outside for 10 minutes.

Trust me, this is such an easy motivational technique.

Change your scenery

Currently I work from home so getting up and heading into my office EVERY DAY can get a tad boring and uninspiring.

Now again, I shake things up by taking myself to a nice local cafè to work. Sometimes if I just cannot focus or get comfortable, I move into the living room or my bedroom and get super snuggly.

You have to figure out what works for you. It’s all trial and error but a lot of the time just changing up your routine can help with boosting your motivation.

Motivational techniques don’t have to be hard, it’s usually the little things that help the most.

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Remind yourself of your WHY

Whatever you’ve lost motivation doing, a great hack for getting it back again is to revisit WHY.

Why are you doing it in the first place?

Remind yourself that you started this for a certain reason and that by completing it will bring you closer to your goals, plus you feel good vibes, even if it’s painful now.

Why have you lost motivation?

Sometimes this is such an important question to ask yourself. It could be something trivial like, I just don’t know how to move forward or something bigger, like I don’t want to do this anymore.

Either way, looking inward and exploring, could help you move forward or bin it completely.

If it’s not serving your best interests, then let it go.

Talk it out

When I have exhausted a lot of the motivational techniques above, I will call Will (my partner) and ask him for advice.

Talking it through with someone who knows you will help you to boost motivation.

Will is great at reminding me of my Why, my skills and that he believes in me. Sometimes that is enough to make me feel more positive and get me into gear.

Explaining your lack of motivation to somebody else will open up a conversation around that. Usually they will chip in with ways to move forward that you hadn’t thought about before.

There have been plenty of times when I have spoken to Will or a colleague and they suggest an action and suddenly my motivation is back up and I complete the task in no time.

Getting it off our chest, makes all the difference. Don’t bottle it up.

A quick and snappy post today that will hopefully inspire you to increase your energy levels and get your mojo back! Do you have any other techniques you use? Let us know below.

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