Top 7 Must Read Productivity Books

March 30, 2020
Productivity Books

After hitting a wall with writing today, I picked up my favourite productivity books to flick through to grab some inspired words of wisdom.

That simple activity led me to write this article to help inspire you, just in case your productivity is lacking somewhat.

It can be so hard to stay productive.

We all try to do far too much and end up achieving nothing as we spread ourselves too thinly.

Sound familiar?

Well no more, in this article I’m sharing the best books for productivity so you can stay motivated and achieve all the results you want!

Small disclaimer: I have included affiliate links in this post which means that if you click on a link and buy an item, I earn a small amount of money with no additional cost to you.

7 of the best Productivity Books

1. The One Thing by Gary Keller

I absolutely adore this book and cannot sing its praises enough.

Gary Keller makes being more productive super simple in this book. Focusing on the most important task every day will get you the biggest results. It’s as simple as that.

Where I’d had huge success, I had narrowed my concentration to one thing, and where my success varied, my focus had too.

Gary Keller

I think as humans we overthink, over task and then overwhelm ourselves. The One thing teaches you that actually sticking to one thing at a time and choosing the highest priority activity will get you the results you want.

You’ll love the editing of the book too. The most important actions are already underlined for you, there are only three chapters, and it is full of handy prompts and pictures to help you find your One Thing.

2. The Idea in you by Martin Amor & Alex Pellow

A very niche type of productivity but I loved it for helping me find and build ideas.

This book is all about finding an idea and taking it all the way to business , project, product, whatever the end looks like to you. So in a way it’s all about productivity as well as helping you be the creative you were always meant to be.

Martin and Alex give you the confidence to take any ideas you have and begin to get working on them immediately.

4 chapters walk you through finding the right idea, making a start, creating your future and a round up of all the steps and resources to help you feel confident and be successful.

Talking of confidence, be sure to check out a list of my best Confidence Building books.

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3. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Ok, so this isn’t your typical book for productivity but I feel it needs to be included.

I don’t know about you but my most productive days are ones where I have set my morning up right. I’m not rushed, tired, hungry or overwhelmed. Hal will help you hit your goals by forming 6 habits every morning.

Hal tells you how to set your morning up for success. He has a 6 steps called S.A.V.E.R.S that can be easily added to your morning routine totaling 6 minutes. I use these daily and trust me, they make all the difference to your mindset.

I’m not a morning person either so this book will help those of you who do struggle to focus in the morning as well as you morning larks!

Making consistent, daily progress towards becoming the level 10 person you need to be to create the level 10 life you truly want and deserve, your success is inevitable.

Hal Elrod

This was one of the first Self-development books I bought myself and it made me think about all the small changes I could make in lots of areas of my life. Hal references tons of other authors, it’s how I learnt about Think and grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Eat That Frog!


4. How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

Want to be productivity Ninja? It does have a nice ring to it.

Graham Allcott has created this fantastic roadmap to being the Ninja you need to be to get stuff done.

A Ninja is agile and moves fluidly through their day, maximising their attention levels to make magic happen.

Graham Allcott

At the end of each chapter Graham asks you three questions that each relate to a summary point from that chapter. I found this super helpful to re-jog my memory and keep in mind the skills of a Productivity Ninja.

I feel this book has everything you will need to kick start your productivity journey and in a funny and relaxed way.

Graham is also the founder of Think Productive, a worldwide training programme for productivity and time management skills. Needless to say, he is an expert in this field.

5. Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy

The shortest book on the list with 117 pages, packs a logical punch.

The message is simple, tackle the most important task of the day first. Even if you really don’t want to do it. By finishing the task you are most likely to procrastinate on, you will achieve the greatest results.

EAT THAT FROG has so many great productivity tips and exercises to help you plan your day, choose your most important tasks and really get you thinking about what you want to achieve today and tomorrow.

6. Motivate Yourself by Andro Donovan

Productivity doesn’t always mean at work or on projects. It can also be how productive is your life in general?

Are you feeling fulfilled? Are you living your life’s purpose? Have you set goals and on the way to achieving them?

Motivate Yourself is one of the best productivity books for creating the life you want and deserve. To do so does take A LOT of productive actions and thoughts.

Andro will help you on your way to envisioning how you want your life to look and how you can achieve that.

Follow his practical exercises to learn more about yourself and use this to motivate yourself to success.

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey

One of the best books on productivity and successful self-development books of all time. The 7 habits of Highly Effective People tells you just that, the 7 habits you need to adopt in order to be a success.

I want to prewarn, this is a slog of a book compared to the others on my list.

Originally, I tried to listen to the audiobook version but found it far too complex and needed my full attention. I bought the paperback copy instead and starting working my way through. You’ll study this book more so than read.

I have post it notes and scribbles in every chapter and I am still trying to adopt changes to my way of thinking. Covey asks you to change the way you view the world so you react differently to everything you do, including productivity.

It has some of the best lessons for being more proactive and achieving the goals we set ourselves.

I mean, there’s a reason it’s sold 15 million copies worldwide and is still topping the self-development book charts today!

Hopefully one of the books listed has taken your fancy! They’ve each helped me at some point through my productivity journey so I am confident will help you too.

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