6 reasons to stop Self-Judgement and judging others

February 18, 2020

How often are you in Self-judgement mode? And how many times do you judge others around you?

I bet, it’s quite a lot right?

It seems that society turns us all into judging robots, where we need to be better than the person next to us. Naturally, we compare and then judge.

Would you still be happy being judgmental if you knew it had a negative impact on your well-being and ultimately, stunts your personal growth?

Life would be sweeter, more fulfilling and compassionate if we stopped being so judgy.

In this article, you’ll see 6 reasons to stop judgements to yourself and those around you.

Why you need to stop self-judgement and judging others

Judging others is a clear reflection of how harshly you judge yourself

When you spend time talking about someone else and judging them, what you’re really doing is stating it’s ok to be critical of everyone, especially yourself.

If you can judge others freely, you’re more likely to turn your attention to yourself. Which is no good for anyone.

In a world where people judge others easily, be a breath of fresh air and reserve judgement of others. Kindness is king.

Creates an inferior or superior mindset

If there’s one thing a happy and balanced women doesn’t have, that’s an inferior or superior mindset. Their mindset is rock solid. They only thinking of bettering themselves and not competing against others.

Inferior or superior mindsets are fixed. What we should all be striving for are growth mindsets. If you believe you are lesser or better than someone else, you’re not going to grow or learn.

As humans we love to learn and having a toxic mindset means you will never grow and become a better version of yourself.

Judging those who have what you have pushes it away

How many times have you been jealous or envious of someone because they have what you want? Did you feel better for displaying those feelings? Did you eventually get what you wanted or did you stay the same?

It’s ok to admit that you are envious of someone or something as it’s a right in your face emotion telling you what you want. Instead of judging them, how about say to yourself I am going to take the necessary steps to go on that holiday, get that dream career, own that type of house, etc. Whatever it is, be grateful that person showed you what you want.

Jealousy isn’t a bad thing. It is however, when we have negative opinions of others and vocalise them that it becomes a problem.

judging others

You waste valuable energy

Have you ever sat with a group of friends and bitched about someone else or even put yourself down? I think we’ve all been there.

In the past, I’ve spent a few hours on a particular person or situation. I’m not proud of it as I ranted and whaled spilling so much negativity. Think about all that time and energy wasted for no gain whatsoever.

What did I achieve? Nothing! The other person is blissfully unaware that I have spent a couple of my precious hours dedicated to them.

It’s best to breathe through situations or opinions and let them go. Use your energy for more positive things.

Judging yourself negatively impacts your performance

Self-judgement and self-loathing will impact you in such a way that you will feel negative all the time.

In a world where people feel the need to express their opinions when not even asked, to pass judgement or critique you, why do it to yourself?

Now I am all for self-reflection!

Take a mirror to your thoughts, feelings and situations and see if you like where you’re at and if not, take the steps to improve it. BUT self-judgement doesn’t help in a positive way, the more you judge yourself the more it will happen and take over your life.

Every time you go to put something nice on, you’ll judge how you look. Every time you say something in a group, you’ll judge your words. Every time you do a project at work, you’ll judge your performance. You get the picture.

We have to learn to be our own cheerleaders in life and always BE KIND to ourselves and others.

Like attracts Like

I am a firm believer that what you put out you receive back from the Universe. Judgement is no exception.

If you want more negativity in life, keep judging others. However, if you want a life of happiness and love, stop judging everyone and everything.

You’re sending a vibe out into the world that you love judgement as you give it so freely. So guess what, that is going to 180 itself back to you.

Development Task – Make a pact to stop judging yourself and others for a week. You’ll be surprised how often you make self-judgements.

There you have 6 in your face reasons why self-judgement and judging others is a massive no no.

Please remember to treat yourself and others with kindness. The world is full of fair too much negative noise and the more

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